Pantone color of the year 2023 and all about color influences


Pantone has recently announced their color of the year 2023, and it is the gorgeous and exuberant Viva Magenta. This color is a bold shade of pinkish red that combines the best qualities of red and magenta. It is a color that exudes style and confidence. People have already started incorporating it into their lifestyles and it has become a huge trend in the fashion and home decor businesses. The Pantone team referred to viva magenta as “a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength.”

Does color really affect a business’s growth?

Color has a huge role in the marketing of your business. A good color scheme means immense business growth. That being said, the color palette that you choose should fit your business. It is not necessary that the same color fits best with all businesses. Choose a color that compliments your business. Moreover, Colors have the power to send a very powerful and meaningful message. Once you understand the psychology of how it works, you can use colors in your business web development and web designing to influence moods, reactions, and prompt people to buy your product or services.

How do different colors influence marketing?

Choosing a color theme for your app development company or web development increases brand recognition and helps in highlighting the important elements of a website and influences the audience choices. Furthermore, choosing the right colors is extremely essential as different colors produce different emotions. In addition, it is also important to know how much and where to add color to create a good website design.

What are the roles of different colors in the marketing and design of a company?

Viva magenta:-

The color Viva Magenta is inspired by a deep red and it has the power to increase someone’s heart rate and excite them. Moreover, this color is associated with love, energy, passion, lust, and excitement. Keep in mind that your digital marketing agency knows where to use this color to have its full effect. This color should be used where attention needs to be drawn or something exciting is displayed. It would be ideal for fashion, entertainment, food, advertising, and marketing.


The color yellow is indeed the brightest color out there. If you ask any person they are likely to associate it with cheer, competence, happiness, positivity, optimism, and youth. During mobile app development, your web design company should use yellow to create a sense of happiness and calmness. Use subtle and light shades of yellow for a calm vibe. Moreover, using a bright yellow would draw attention to action buttons and text. It should also be noted that using too much yellow could strain the eyes and the audience might just not be able to read the text.


If we talk about the color Blue, it is often associated with masculinity, competence, manliness, professionalism, quality, productivity, calmness, dependability, stability, wisdom, loyalty, strength, trust, and security. Bright shades of blue can be quite refreshing and energizing. Moreover, blue is a common choice for large corporations and banks as it shows neutralness, is non-invasive, and shows dependability. Furthermore, the color blue is often used to represent dental, healthcare, high-tech, space, government, and legal-related things. Web designers should know that blue does not go well with food-related displays.

You should choose colors that portray your company’s mission, it should cater to your potential clients and target audience. The color should be strong enough to be held up against your competitors. Moreover, the color you choose should showcase the results you plan on achieving from your business. It should also give an abstract idea of the long-term plans of your company. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that would provide marketing and designing strategies using color influences then Happydigital is just the perfect choice for you. Our talented team will help take your business to unseen levels of success.

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