Vending Machine is a beverage machine, which includes multiple operations like inserting a coin, browsing for an item and confirming it for the vending machine to provide you with the product ultimately.

About this Project

A vending machine dispenses different products and is normally installed in supermarkets, covering day-to-day market liability and ultimately being easily accessible. However, with technological advancement, we at Happy Digital digitized the process with our application, allowing you to perform the same steps easily.

Scope of Work

  • UI/UX Designing
  • ERP Designing
  • Use Case Designing
  • Workflow Strategy

Redefining the Checkout Experience

With normal vending machines, customers have to wait in long queues with the possibility of the vending machine being stuck and cash issues that can arise. With the newly developed application, we intend to redefine the experience, enhancing customer experience by avoiding delays in queues, successful transactions, and great user experience.

Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Faster checkouts

The application will help people avail of the service of faster checkouts. Avoiding 1:1 customer experience, the application provides the experience to be 1:many which means that many customers can use one application at a time.

More secure payments

Often, customers at the vending machine call the speed dial number to complain about cash that is not returned or other issues that threaten payment security concerns. The application allows successful payment without worrying about the former to overcome this issue.

Better retentions

When the customers no longer face issues such as delays in queuing and insecure payment transactions, they tend to enjoy reliable customer service, which significantly increases the customer retention rate.

happy-digital-software-app-development-company-01 Overall Screen new

Payments just got an upgrade

With vending machine applications, customers have now upgraded to making quick and convenient transactions. In addition, customers need not worry if they have no cash. The multiple online payment options ensure that all needs are met with a time-saving mobile solution. The safer and touchless way of payments increases security and enables consumers to pay easily, even when in a hurry.


I had the chance to use the application, which saved my time and allowed me to pay at the tip of my tongue. It was a great experience.

When I heard of the vending machine application, I was sceptical about using it, but thankfully, it was a great overall decision.

It was a worthwhile experience using the vending machine.

Upgrading the lifestyle

Upgrading our style of life is what we believe in. It is important it gel in with how fast-paced the digital world is. With our unique UI/UX and workflow, the application is about easing one’s way of living a busy life.

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